Sabbath Maintenance Matters: Windshield Wipers, Steering Fluid, and a Brake Adjustment

For Mother’s Day Weekend, Sin City Church doesn’t hold service so moms can be fully present and honor God together with their “first small group” (i.e., a phrase coined for our families by my friend, Tracey Smith). So, with my husband, Randy, going to Denver, and our son, Kyle, heading to Kansas City for a music practice, I drove to La Habra, CA to be with our son, Jordan, who is studying to be a chiropractor.

I thought nothing could top the days when our children were little, but …

  • When your adult son who is studying chiropractic offers to adjust your feet for practice, you let him.
  • When he wants to practice taking your blood pressure, you let him pump up your arm more than once.
  • When he says you need new windshield wipers, you let him change them. When he says the noise in your car indicates you need new steering fluid, you let him put in new steering fluid.
  • When he wants to take you to see a movie like Hot Pursuit so you can laugh, you let him escort you to the movie and to the counter where he can ask them to put lots of butter on your popcorn.
  • When he wants to take you to Universal Studios and hear you scream on the rides, you go!
  • When he wants you to experience custom made Blaze Pizza, you enjoy every slice (FYI, it’s coming to Vegas soon!)
  • When he wants to take you to the beach, you go to the beach and you take off your shoes and you walk in the sand.

I’ve spent the better part of 31 years teaching our sons who it is that can steer them well, to be careful what their windshields let them see, to put the brakes on when necessary, and to not let the pressure of this life build up too much before putting their feet in the sand.

This past weekend, our son taught me that Sabbath maintenance is an all around important discipline spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Life “blazes” by much too quickly when we are always in “Hot Pursuit” mode with crammed schedules and the need to succeed screaming at us.

Thanks for the full Sabbath Sin City Church! 

Thanks Jordan for steering me in the right direction and helping me see more clearly!

 I love you son!


2 Comments on “Sabbath Maintenance Matters: Windshield Wipers, Steering Fluid, and a Brake Adjustment

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post regarding the Sabbath. I was just reading about honoring the Sabbath in my bible last night. I’m so being convicted about my busyness and not honoring the Sabbath on a consistent basis…ok, never…at least not for the entire day! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful day! You are an amazing Mom! ❤

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