Vegas Churches Come Together for Women’s Everlasting Retreat in California

The Prince is having a ball!

Well, sort of anyway . . . a fun group of women’s ministry leaders are arranging it and we have invited the Prince to be there with us. He is our one and only resurrected Jesus.

We’re from Las Vegas and we call ourselves Sin City Church. Yes, it may be an interesting name for a church but it describes us geographically and it invites a conversation about who we are . . . not perfect yet . . . sinners, saved by grace, working toward becoming more like Jesus. We love our mission “to make disciples by loving people to a new life in Christ.” Our church is led by two theologically trained women and an Irishman, all former pastors in a mega-church, who stepped out of that arena in faith and waited for what God would lead them to do next. The result was a new church plant in Vegas. One of our desires has been to see many churches come together for greater impact. This retreat is one of those efforts come true.

No matter where you live, you are invited to join several women’s leaders in the Vegas area who have come together from different churches in unity to offer this one-of-a-kind “Everlasting” retreat where you will learn some of the basic and no-so-basic disciplines of a Christian life. Wow, finally some direction with how we can live the disciplines naturally!

This is not just for the believer, but we encourage anyone attending to bring your friends who are still exploring faith. What a great opportunity to get to know them better.

We will have a “ball” – a time to experience the discipline of celebration which we rarely get to do as women together because of our busy lives.

Register now at and get more information on what will be happening for the weekend. FFH will be leading us in worship.

We believe every single one of you is a princess and so does the Prince! This may be a step of faith for you to come to a retreat where you don’t know anyone else. I encourage you to do this. What you think is impossible, can be made possible.


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