Live to Forgive: When a Son Dies

This weekend my colleague, Pastor Jayne Post, will be preaching on “Imagine a World where People Forgive Each Other.”

Jayne knows first-hand about forgiveness. You see, she lost her son, to a bike-car accident when he was just a teenager. She lives with the pain everyday of not being able to hug him, encourage him, be at his graduation, dance with him at his wedding, meet his wife, or hold his children. What she doesn’t live with is the bitterness of unforgiveness. She lives life to the fullest. If you don’t really know Jayne, you can be intimidated by her robust energetic outgoing personality. She is brilliant with life experience and her educational pursuits as a graduate of Lincoln University and her paced-work toward earning her Masters at Harvard. Every minute is lived with purpose and generosity. Jayne is one of the most generous people I have ever met. She teaches me everyday about how to be generous with my resources and my faith. I constantly hear stories of how Jayne has helped people financially or blessed them with the sacrificial gift of her time.

Jayne, and her dear friend, Kayla Gilmore, have written a book together about the story of her life and losing her son titled A Future Without which I’ve had the opportunity to read before it is published. Each sentence, carefully crafted, unfolds two different endings that will keep readers turning the pages to discover what can happen when we forgive or choose not to forgive. Readers will find themselves laughing and crying at times within the same paragraph. A Future Without transcends every culture through every time period. It is raw and it is real just like my friend Jayne.

I am writing this blog tonight because I know just how important a message like real forgiveness is. You see, Satan will do all he can to keep us from hearing this message, from taking it to heart, and taking action to do the right thing . . . forgive! Satan will use our insecurities from wanting to hear a message from a pastor who has been criticized for speaking out as people try to hush her. God’s message of forgiveness will not be hushed!

In the Lord’s Prayer, we read, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us (Luke 11:4).” There is no sin excluded in this passage! There is no person excluded in this passage of Scripture. Jesus’ teaching about prayer was bold and beautiful – a belief-lived picture of the Kingdom of God!

Join us at Sin City Church (50 N. Stephanie, Henderson, NV) tomorrow morning at 10am to hear from a woman who speaks with confidence about the very act Jesus died for. May the glory be God’s!

If we find ourselves at a place of complacency in repenting of an unforgiving spirit, now is the time during Lent to be obedient to God! Do not hush God’s work in your life. He loves you and wants to release you from the bitterness that is keeping your joy in bondage. Do what needs to be done now! Don’t hesitate and don’t hush those in your life who are speaking the truth and don’t keep others from hearing a message that transcends every culture and time period.

There are at least two possible endings to every story . . . choose the right one! Choose to forgive and may you be blessed beyond measure with a love for God and others that overflows from a pure heart.

God bless you!


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