Live to Forgive: “When Famous Goes Wrong on a Rooftop”

King David had been told by Nathan that God was going to make David’s name as famous as anyone who had lived on this earth (2 Samuel 7:9). David would be moved from tending sheep to leading God’s people . . . quite a promotion. At first David was amazing, “he did what was just and right for the people.” Then something happened . . . David lost his focus and he used his power wrongfully.

After it’s all said and done, he may have wished it had all been a dream, but in fact in was not a dream. David had just woken up from a nap and decided to go roof walking. He caught gaze of another man’s wife and sent for her. Bathsheba came obediently . . . and David slept with her and the result was a pregnancy. He needed to cover himself, so he devised a plan to have Bathsheba’s husband come home from battle to sleep with his wife so that it would look like Uriah got his wife pregnant. The problem with David’s plan is that Uriah had a few convictions of his own, one of which was that he would not enjoy himself while the rest of the guys were out sleeping in open fields. So, David dug himself deeper in the hole when he then sent Uriah to the front line to be killed so he could take Bathsheba as his own wife. God was of course displeased with what David had done and there would be a price to pay.

Thank God for the Nathans in our life who hold us accountable and help us see clearly where we have gone wrong. Nathan illustrated a story to David that helped him see he was no different than someone who was rich and robbed from the poor (2 Samuel 12). David insisted that such a man should be killed. Nathan said, “You are that man (2 Sam. 12:7)!” Imagine hearing those crushing words and realizing they are true. God had given David so much, helped him become famous in all the victorious battles and yet it wasn’t enough for David. He stole from someone who had little. He did not do what was right and just for Uriah, for Bathsheba, for the unborn child, and for the people he ruled.

When David realized what he had done (that he was that man), he confessed before God and he was forgiven; however, the consequence was that the child conceived out of deception between he and Bathsheba would die.

We experience great blessings from God (even becoming famous for some); but, we must never take advantage of what he has done for us by believing we can do anything we please in rooftop positions of power, wrongfully hurt others to cover our own mistakes, or use a platform for our own personal gain. If we find ourselves in this position (realizing we are that man), we must come down off the roof to humbly confess and not hide behind more deception. And, we must listen to the Nathans God places in our lives instead of shying away from them.

In confession, we will discover a forgiveness from God that allows us to live in truth once again; but, unfortunately there are consequences for the sin we have committed whether in public or up on a private palace rooftop. The fall can be painful but the forgiveness is sweet!


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