2015 Valentine’s Prayer

 by Rhonda Baker

The church cannot help but grieve,
When life is taken away.
It is not the natural plan,
God help us all we pray.

The “thief comes to steal and kill,”
Destroy is his middle name.
Jesus came to bring life fulfilled,
And never once for fame.

Have we turned away from God,
And shunned his Holy Word?
Are we different in the world we live,
Or acting mimes who can’t be heard?

The widow cries, the orphan starves,
Children trafficked cannot be the norm.
Can we please come together,
Many churches as one to calm the storm?

Unity can’t be lost for the sake of gain,
Jesus’ prayer was alive and real.
He prayed that we’d all be one,
The Holy Spirit is our Seal!

Let’s read again John 17,
Life can be breathed into the instruction we’re given.
May what’s buried be competitive hate,
God is for us all; and, may this be what we’re living!

Forgive us Father, hear our prayer,
May our love for You restore –
Our love for one another,
And be faithful to what Jesus died for.

This is my only Valentine’s prayer,
To my God who sent His Son,
Who died and rose to live again.
God help us all be one!


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