365 Days of Faith!

What would 2014 have looked like . . .

. . . if I hadn’t resigned

. . . if I wouldn’t have agreed to go to skid row in LA

. . . if our son, Kyle, hadn’t moved to Phoenix

. . . if Sin City Church would not have been planted

. . . if we hadn’t lost two more family members

. . . if I hadn’t accepted the opportunity to care for a little princess named Elizabeth

. . . if we had not held a Women’s Retreat called Cherished

. . . if I hadn’t taken the challenge to eat healthier

. . . if we hadn’t brought home another new puppy, Gabe

. . . if we hadn’t trusted God to provide a new place to live

. . . if we hadn’t sent Jordan off to Chiropractic School in LA

. . . if we hadn’t trusted God with a new location for Sin City Church

. . . if I wouldn’t have taken any steps of faith!

Goodbye 2014! You have taught me what it means to live 365 days in faith!
With God all things are possible!
Pressing on to another 365 days of faith in 2015!


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