When the Fireworks Began for Me!

They usually start out with a big boom or two where I come from.

When did the fireworks begin for me? . . .

. . . September 21, 1980 – On the day I surrendered my life to Christ.

Growing up in a struggling and blended family of 10, I never thought I would ever go to college, let alone seminary. I had ridden on the theology shirttails of every pastor who preached in the church I attended – not really developing my own set of beliefs. I began to pray and ask God for more wisdom and understanding of the Scripture as I studied. This seemed to keep me safe and occupied in the church as I tried to deny and discern the call God had placed on my life. My denial excuse was that I was a woman – and that call was not for me. That was not embedded in my belief system (by others).

When I was finally willing to surrender, my husband, Randy, was not on the same page as I was about moving forward with a vocational calling. We both agreed (and I was more than okay with it at the time) that I would continue volunteering at whatever capacity the Lord would have me. Whew! Still safe and accepted by everyone. Eventually, when I was on staff at a church, my pastor suggested I begin exploring and attending classes at seminary. He said, “What do you think you are doing? You should be in seminary.” This came about at the same time Randy suggested it was time for me to be obedient to what God was calling me (us) to do. Thank God, He places people like Randy and Pete in my life who continue to be voices of affirmation for me . . . and for many!

There is a lot more to the story of being willing to say “yes” to plant Sin City Church – from that unforgettable beautiful day in September of 1980 when my best friend and I raised our hands to accept Jesus in a little Wesleyan Church in Princeton, IL. First there was the “no” to my husband, and a “no” to a church planter in California. I hadn’t heard a yes from God yet . . . so what happened that would cause me to be catapulted from this
Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 10.19.12 PM

to this in such a short time?


My spiritual journey has had some very bottle rocket moments along the way and the fireworks haven’t stopped yet. There have been some very beautiful displays with a lingering pause before another big boom. Seriously though, I look forward to the moment at the end which is just the beginning when there is a glorious display of the grand finale – Christ’s return.

As time goes on, I hope to be sharing more of my story – and the beginning is a much better place to start so I need to back up . . . and rewind to the 60’s.


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