The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #27 “DAILY at the Table”

THE TABLEThe table is an important gathering place for our family. It is often where we extend an invitation to others to join us as well. Brothers and sisters from Scotland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Canada, and many more places from inside and outside the United States have been invited to our table. It is a place where we eat, where we pray, where we share, where we play games, and where we talk and brainstorm. It is a place where we do life together.

We gather DAILY at “the table.”

DAILY is an important word in The Lord’s Prayer.

In the Lord’s prayer Jesus taught us to pray DAILY for three things:


  • forgiveness for ourselves and the ability to be able to forgive others
  • provision for food
  • deliverance from evil


DAILY we  must remember to pray for all of these.

Let us also remember to pray DAILY for these three things for the city of Las Vegas.

When we sit at our tables wherever we are, let’s pray together and let’s forgive one another DAILY in the name of Jesus who taught us The Lord’s Prayer.


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