The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #26 “Every Step Matters to God”

Never have I been more aware of how many steps I was taking on a given day than from wearing my new Jawbone UP24. Thank you to my dear friend for this amazing gift. 

My prayer this morning as I was walking was, “Lord show me what you want me to write about as it relates to me in The Lord’s Prayer. Please show me through the senses you have given me.

IMG_4668IMG_4698IMG_4686IMG_4690IMG_4694IMG_4701IMG_4700IMG_4671The first Thing I saw with my eyes was a stop sign. Questions flashed through my head . . . what do you want me to stop God?

Throughout the rest of my walk I was drawn to the many signs I read, each one with a personal message for me.

  • I must never stop doing what God has called me to do.
  • There is only one way to God.
  • I have a responsibility to protect others.
  • I must be careful where I park myself as a servant of Jesus.
  • I must do my best to make what is wrong right again.
  • Learning should never end.
  • The prohibitions God has given us in Scripture are there to protect us.
  • Some things should be on a leash.

IMG_4704I also noticed a lot of trash along my pathway. How could I make a wrong right in the moment? Pick up the trash and throw it away. Yes, I could do that.

This reminded me of how Jesus took on all of my sins and cancelled them – literally trashed them as he took them to the cross in his death.

People were coming toward me and moving away from me. Imagine that! Some were running, some walking, some riding their bikes, and some driving in cars. I was reminded how each one is so valuable to God. I was determined to say good morning to each person who passed by me – no exclusion. The responses were different: some said, “Good morning” right back, others waved (one from the back as he passed me by), others were silent caught up in their own personal fitness. I was once again reminded of how The Lord’s Prayer is an “us” prayer – to live in the “thy kingdom come” now.

IMG_4687IMG_4676There was a dandelion growing all alone. I have always loved seeing dandelions in Las Vegas and in Illinois. It is a sign of forgiveness to me – that God’s beauty can be seen in the least likely to receive grace.

I also smelled the fragrance of roses. It may sound strange but I wonder what heaven will smell like.

Everywhere I went the sun was shining on me as a reminder I must keep taking steps toward becoming more like my Savior. I either move toward Jesus or away from him. There are signs all along the way that indicate the direction I am moving. Every step matters to God!



2 Comments on “The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #26 “Every Step Matters to God”

  1. Great way to take a walk and really connect and think about our time with God. Thank you for sharing and I will remember this on my next walk. 🙂

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