The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #22 “Lillian”

Lillian and I sat beside each other Sunday night. It was the first time we had met. Her deep blue eyes and her kind heart drew me in immediately. I couldn’t help but laugh and also want to crawl under the table when she said, “Oh you’re the important ones that they’ve reserved these spaces for up front.” The last thing I wanted was to have reserved seating but if it meant sitting beside Lillian then it was worth it. I needed to be with her. Her impact on my life has been lingering with me since then. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever spent time with someone and by just being with that person you received new hope from heaven?

This beautifully kept woman was well into her eighties. She spoke with such dignity, grace, and well-practiced etiquette that I didn’t want to miss a word she had to say. Our conversation deepened as the three hour experience flew by. I couldn’t get enough of her. I couldn’t help but grab her hand every time she spoke to me. When you touch compassion it enters the deepest part of your soul. There was something safe about her. I didn’t want to leave her there. If ever there was a time I was tempted to adult-nap someone, this was it for me. How could I sneak her out of there without the pastor noticing? She had come with others that night. Could I tell him she was ready to go home and offer her a ride to my home?

She told stories from the 60+ years she lived in Pennsylvania in the same town her whole life. Mixed among the chapters were her many mission trips to China, Germany, etc.; and, the here and now which some might consider as her last chapter living the past several years in Henderson, NV. I’m telling you in these three hours, I wasn’t praying The Lord’s Prayer, I was experiencing it, “In Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Lillian attends one of three churches I attended on Sunday. She reminded me of how important it is to just be. And sometimes when we decide to just be – heaven grabs hold of us and breathes new life into us from an eighty something year old woman who has lived a lot of life with rich meaning. 

She was so beautiful. I could have cried when she asked me if I would please come back to her church to visit her.

Sometimes seats are reserved for us, not because we are important; but because God wants to whisper to us up front and center an important message of love from a Lillian who he has appointed for the perfect time in our lives.



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