The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #18 “When I Don’t Have the Words!”

My heart hurts for the Kingdom of God and what has happened to the practice of reconciliation as brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been minimized as a non-essential back-burner practice. As I begin to communicate with God about this heart-ache, words escape me.


Perhaps because there seems to be no end. I repeat myself over and over again. Please seek reconciliation.

I’m reminded of how broken we are each time I meet with someone who is bleeding from a church wound. The Good Samaritan Parable flashes through my mind. I have a choice to leave someone half dead on the side of the road after I’ve assaulted him/her, to cross over to the other side of the road like the priest or Temple assistant so I don’t have to be bothered, or to have compassion like the Good Samaritan who not only assisted the victim, but recruited an innkeeper to learn and practice compassion as well.

I am also reminded of how beautiful forgiveness is when a new person comes to Christ.

There is this realm of the in-between as we are in the process of spiritual formation.

  • It is the realm in between reconciliation with God as a new believer and reconciliation with an estranged brother or sister in Christ.
  • The in-between is a place of discovery but also a place of recovery.
  • It is the place where we learn to walk with Jesus but run from each other.
  • We discover who God made us to be and we recover from what we should have never become.
  • The in-between is when everything seems so right and everything has the potential to go so wrong.
  • It is the place we discover how brilliant community can be in our differences.
  • It is the place where we discover what unity is not in conformity.
  • It is the place where we learn to accept each other; and, it is the place we assault one another with the deadly weapon of withdrawal.
  • There is the in-between in which we love Jesus more; but unguarded, can begin to love people less.
  • There is the in-between of learning to be a servant and demanding to be served.
  • It is the place we learn to love our neighbors; and, without accountability, begin to abandon our family.
  • The in-between is the place where hope rises and peace can be disturbed.

So what do we pray when we don’t have the words anymore – when we are given a fresh vision of what the church can be, what it was meant to be? I believe Jesus gave the words to “us” in The Lord’s Prayer.

I don’t believe he meant for us to just say the words or pray the words; but, to live the words in between.


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