The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #17 “How to Glorify God in Heaven!”

Yesterday I wrote about glory and our tendency to usurp God’s glory.

Today I write about glory in another light.

“Our Father which art in heaven,” – does the divine presence of God only reside in heaven now?

How are we guided during the day and at night if Shekinah glory has left earth?

Shekinah is a word used to signify a “divine visitation” of God on earth. Israelites would know Shekinah was present by indication of a pillar of a cloud by day or a pillar of fire by night (Exodus, Chapter 13). The presence of Shekinah was a guide for them as they journeyed.

As believer’s, the Holy Spirit now guides us on our journey.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, my life as an adult would have been very different. Even with the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, there are times, I choose not to follow the guide I have access to.

The Holy Spirit is somewhat mysterious. We can’t visibly see him, but we know when he is active. We recognize him in believers when a widow is cared for and an orphan fed. We recognize him when people are reconciled to God and to each other. We recognize him when we see a life transformed. We recognize him when a wrong is made right and justice prevails.

Knowing the Holy Spirit lives inside of us as believers, the possibilities are endless for God’s glory to shine through us.

I challenge myself today to make ALL choices that glorify God. I challenge myself to live in reverence for the return of Shekinah.



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