The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #16 “Think Big, Act Big, and Lead?”

Who do you think received top honors for the #1 best global brand in 2013?

If you guessed Coca-Cola, you are wrong, although they’ve held that spot for a lot of years.

If you guessed Apple, you are right.

Google came in second and Coca-Cola came in third.

If we read Interbrand’s article, it gives some great insight into connecting the brand with the consumer. When it’s done right, there is the thought we can “think big, act big, and lead.”

So could we say that Apple has done it right; and, therefore receives the” glory” in the “worldly” sense? They think big, act big, and lead. Yes!

Does God’s Kingdom work the same way? Is our goal to “think big, act big, and lead?” Do we receive the “glory prize” if we connect the brand with the consumer? 

In The Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the GLORY!” Then we slap a big fat “Amen” at the end of the prayer admittedly agreeing that the glory belongs to God forever. I believe some of our forevers are just a fleeting moment.

I don’t think any of us would want to admit that there is a seed within us that longs for fame; that longs for the consumer to find us worthy of praise, but we are human. We have a desire to know and be known. 

I don’t want to believe there are any believers who would sacrifice the integrity of the church to receive glory in the shadow of Jesus name, yet it has happened numerous times. Do we not run the risk of profaning God’s name when we misuse his name or misrepresent his character in any way, particularly to bring ourselves glory? It’s just a thought!

Is it possible to think big, act big, and not lead at all?


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