The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #15 Git-R-Done!

God's Will_God's WordHave you ever tried Lord I Apologize BBQ Sauce or heard of the Git-R-Done Foundation?

‘The mission of The Git-R-Done Foundation is to provide assistance to charitable organizations that are experiencing hardships beyond their control, with an emphasis on children and veterans organizations.” They are able to provide assistance thru resources they receive by selling Lord I Apologize BBQ Sauce.

Is there anyone who wonders what God’s will is when you pray, “Thy will be done?” It’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions people inquire of me in regard to their own lives. This seems to be highlighted more when someone has a difficult choice to make.

My response begins with a pen and a piece of paper. I draw a circle and put a lot of dots inside the circle and a lot of dots outside the circle. The dots represent the choices. Inside the circle represents God’s will and God’s Word. Outside the circle represents choices that don’t honor God or His Word. Sometimes we discover more than one choice would be in alignment with God’s will. We then follow up with listening prayer, discovery of passion and gifts, and additional wise counsel.  

God’s Word provides assistance to us in knowing His will. Once we know His will, “Git-R-Done!”

And, when we find that we’ve messed up, “Lord I Apologize” can break through a hardship in our relationship with God.




One Comment on “The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #15 Git-R-Done!

  1. Love this! I’ll use the circle. What a wonderful way to frame it! Praying & listening. Is it my voice drownding out the Holy Spirit or the HS loud & clear? Can I submit or do I need to control? The outcome tells it all!

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