The Lord’s Prayer 30 Day Challenge: Day #14 Necessary Evil?

Is there such a thing as “necessary evil?

I tend to label what the “necessary evils” are in my life.

  • cell phones
  • taxes
  • chocolate

My husband would add to that list “green vegetables,” but I would disagree with him because I love green vegetables.

So then, do necessary evils vary according to individual preference?

In The Lord’s Prayer, we ask God to “deliver us from evil.” There is no oxymoron in this prayer. The evil Jesus teaches about is real. It is deadly! Evil is not something to be messed with, yet it creeps about in subtle ways finding cracks in our spiritual armor to invade. In reading the Bible, we discover evil falls into two categories: something we do to one another or something we do against God.

My thought is we could exchange the word evil with sin. Satan is a master at sin/evil and at tempting us to commit sinful/evil acts.

If my perception of “necessary evils” is based on individual preference, can my perception of evil be skewed?

I think about Pharaoh when Moses continued to try to warn him about the plagues if he wouldn’t set the Israelites free.  He had already been warned several times and still when each plague came he wouldn’t consider that he might be the problem. His heart had been hardened. Before the eighth plague you would have thought he would have caught on, but he didn’t. He actually told Moses, “Clearly, you are bent on evil (Exodus 10:10).” Might this be considered blame-shifting. Often times, I believe the evil one tempts us to use a scapegoat (another person) to transfer our sins onto without even realizing we are doing it. This doesn’t solve anything. There is only false peace produced from blame-shifting. The only worthy scapegoat capable of taking our sins away is Jesus.

Evil is something we do; or, something that is done to us. We need to be delivered from both.  




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