The Lord’s Prayer Challenge: Day 2 DADDY’S GIRL

Our Father PhotoDay #2 of saying the Lord’s Prayer I decided to write the prayer on my mirror with the numbers 1-30 so I could check off each day as I read and reflect on the prayer.

Today brings me closer to the word Father. Knowing I am created in God’s image, I ask myself the question do I reflect God’s image in my mind and my heart or am I deceiving myself or trying to fool others. Today I want to reflect his image more than I did yesterday. What do I need to do in order for this to happen? Uuuggh! I have some more reflecting to do for sure.

I also think about my own father and the state he is now in at a care facility. It makes me sad to think of what happens to our human condition but joyful knowing my Father did accept Jesus as His Savior and will one day no longer be suffering. I miss my dad and our distant fishing trips as a little girl. The little girl has grown up in some ways and not so much in others. Circumstances have caused a lot of missed moments to be a daddy’s girl but I will always be a DADDY’S GIRL.

Father’s Day is coming next month, but OUR FATHER’S DAY is every day. How can I honor them both better?



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