Ordering Church Online: Dusty Fingers

A Dusty Finger
           Dusty Fingers

I went online to order church,
The trendy thing to do.
I can order a theater seat,
Or a solid wooden pew.

The building plans are endless,
Free sermons to convey.
I searched and searched but couldn’t find,
What I was looking for today.

Genres for many worship songs,
iTunes special ninety-nine.
Christian musicians for hire.
Grape juice or expensive wine.

Stones to choose from large and small,
Attract a crowd sure-strategy.
But no where are dusty fingers sold,
For a condemn-free family.

I read about this in a book,
Been around for quite a while.
The messages have been rewritten,
And spoken in every style.

But there is one I can’t forget,
Leaders void of reverent fear.
With a woman named Adulteress,
A reputation they want to smear.

To them she is as good as dead,
But she was not alone.
“… Let the one who has never sinned,
Throw the very first stone (Jn. 8:7).”

Dusty fingers are not sold online,
Jesus teaches a lesson that day.
Accusers slip away one by one,
Love is the greatest way!


4 Comments on “Ordering Church Online: Dusty Fingers

  1. Rhonda, love the way you convey life. Life’s lessons are sometimes the greatest church. Trendy doesn’t always do it.

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