Loving a Vegas Dancer!

She waits outside the coffee shop and stands to greet me with a hug!

An exchange of weekly progress, trials, and news.


Pages of the Bible turn along with I AM Says, “You Are.”

“You are unique (I AM, Says You Are)!”

Really, you are!

“God didn’t create you to conform. He created you to stand out (I AM, Says You Are).”

The Lie: “I’m not comfortable standing out (I AM, Says You Are).”

You are a light in a dark club.


Questions, responses, more questions!


“Replacing the Trash with the Treasure (I AM, Says You Are):”

You were created to be different!


He knows she is different.

She tells him to go home to his wife.

true ID! You are different!

Stand out, be different!

An invitation to Trash the Lies Conference.




A hug goodbye . . . until next week when we meet again!

Love my Wednesdays, loving a Vegas dancer!


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