Planting a Church: Building a City, or Two, or Three

Many pastors dream of building or planting a church. Some are called and actually step out in faith as God pours out His favor on their endeavor of faithfulness. The thought of planting a church scares me to death! Confident God would never ask me to do this, I gave my church planting books to a former colleague who has successfully planted a church in Utah!

But what about a woman planted inside the book of 1 Chronicles who built three cities? Embedded in a lineage reading of sons, we’re introduced to Sheerah, a woman in 1 Chronicles 7:24: “His daughter was Sheerah, who built Lower and Upper Beth Horon as well as Uzzen Sheerah.” The daughter of Beriah, Sheerah was the granddaughter of Ephraim.

The brief mention of Sheerah in Scripture triggers me to ponder the thought of building. If only we had the story of Sheerah like we do Nehemiah! What obstacles did she face? Did she have healthy boundaries? What kind of influence, skills, and character did she have as a leader called upon to build not one, not two, but three cities? Did success ever go to her head? Was she ever tempted to build a tower instead of a city?

Sheerah inspires me to build. She inspires me to take a look at what I am called upon to build today and to build well. The building begins with me and my relationship with God, it expands to my marriage and my family, and then outward from there. Sometimes it requires overtime for tearing down and rebuilding something that needs reconstructed.

Whether I’m building a city, a church, or reconstructing my life with a patient God who longs for me to be a Sheerah, building well requires the discipline of prayer.  There’s a need to revisit the plans daily by inspection through God’s Word and the examination of trusted mentors to ensure I am in sync with the Master Architect’s plans.

Oh Sheerah if only you could have taught us more!


2 Comments on “Planting a Church: Building a City, or Two, or Three

  1. I just LOVE that God is planing inspiration in you, whatever it may turn into. 🙂
    Praying for you, as He aims you to do mighty things once again for His kingdom.

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