My Christmas Invitation

(Written for my sweet sisters in Christ, Dar and Donna, in memory of Jim Hamilton and Bill Taaffe)

 My invitation came just in time,
So I could make it home.
I’ll celebrate his birthday,
In heaven near his throne.

 Wasn’t sure what gift to bring,
He said, “Come anyway.
You accepted me to be your Lord,
Your escort is on his way.”

He picked me up all dressed in white,
Showed me his Christmas tree.
The lights were lit upon the cross,
I fell to bended knee.

The decorations more beautiful,
Than any hanging in a store.
Angels singing, “Glory to God…,”
And I wanted to see more.

I can’t help but notice,
The “no mores,” including pain.
Heaven is for real sweetheart,
Words simply can’t explain.

Though your tears now fall for me,
We’re both with Jesus, realms apart.
I have met Him face to face,
You have Him in your heart.

Light a candle and remember me,
I’m with you from above.
Your invitation is written,
We’re stamping it with love.

Delivery is postponed for now,
Your days have been ordained.
So live, and love, and laugh some more.
I’ll see you in heaven’s lane
(Written by Rhonda Baker, December 23, 2013)


8 Comments on “My Christmas Invitation

  1. Beautiful and comforting. Rhonda, God sure knew what He was doing when He sent you to Central. Thank you for the way you love us. I know this beautiful poem means so much to Dar and Donna.

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