Who Jesus is to Me!

He is the first Christmas gift sold out to love!

His platform was a cross and he came in a cradle!

He chose a towel and was given a title!

He served the lowly but became the Great High Priest!

He saw what was wrong and chose to make it right!

He is a friend to the friendless and hope to the hopeless!

He speaks the Truth and loves people to life!

He was born to die so I could live forever!

He brings comfort without requiring a vice!

He is peace in a wave of emotion!

He can penetrate a bullet-proof vest to impact a heart!

He is the provider with access to all accounts!

He is the healing breath beneath my broken voice!

He is a microphone of compassion in a theater of performance!

He is my personal assistant but not on my payroll!

He is patient with his patients!

He is wisdom to the uneducated and knowledge to the illiterate!

He celebrates the person while transforming the character!

He is the author of forgiveness in my chapter of sin!

He is my salvation! He is my leader! He is my friend!

He is Jesus!


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