Towanda: Just a Minute with Jesus – The Greatest Christmas Gift

Yesterday inside CVS, I witnessed a modified version of the parking lot scene in the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, as two female strangers verbally rammed into one another. The temperature and volume of these two women was so high, I thought, “Towanda!” and did something crazy by stepping in to help diffuse the situation. Not sure if I was a leader or an intruder to them, but thankfully they settled down before the police had to be called.

John Maxwell is one of my favorite writers on leadership. He knows if he gets it just right, it only takes a minute or two to communicate a leadership principle that sticks with people (i.e., Minute with Maxwell). My all time favorite book of his is The Five Levels of Leadership in which he makes it easy to define where I am personally in my leadership level if I’m really honest with myself.

What I love about John Maxwell is that he’s willing to learn from others. He has over 880K followers on Twitter and he follows them right back – well at least most of them.

After a three day search of their missing son, Mary and Joseph found him at 12 years old in the temple courts, “sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.” What a great example for us. At just 12 years old Jesus was teaching us a great leadership principle. It’s not all about teaching what I know, but it’s also about listening to others and asking some key questions if I want to grow in “wisdom and stature.”

As we spend just a minute with Jesus, I wonder what questions we might have for him today? Perhaps if we consider asking the right questions, we might be like the leaders of his day and be amazed at the answers he has for us. And if we believe God still works today, we might even grow in wisdom and stature if we follow what he teaches.

Jesus also grew in favor with God and men (Luke 2:52). What this means to me is his leadership level kept rising. In John Maxwell’s defining levels, from “Position” to “Permission” to “Production” to “People Development” to “Pinnacle,” we can also learn how to raise our level of influence in leadership. Maybe our first step is to look around to make sure we’re not Home Alone! Mary and Joseph taught us that one when they were missing their son, Jesus, and then made the trip back to get him.

Towanda! Wonder what we might learn today if we just spend a minute with Jesus! This is the greatest Christmas gift we can give ourselves and those around us, especially if we’re going out shopping today. Look around in your life and make sure Jesus isn’t missing.

Watch John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership here:


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