Hearing God: He Whispers

Life is loud! It presses on us externally with meeting schedules, children to transport, bills to pay, demanding relationships, and of course Christmas shopping. At times I want to run and hide from external pressure and stimuli, but most often it is the internal noise that is so loud I can no longer hear God!

Like Elijah I have found myself saying, “I have had enough, Lord (1 Kings 19:4).” Before we are too hard on Elijah for wanting to give up, remember he had just faced 450 Baal prophets and a wild control-freak woman, Jezebel, who wanted him dead. Not that I wanted God to take my life as Elijah asked him to do, but I sure would have liked a personal cave to escape to. Elijah was running for his life from a woman gone wild with power. Some of us have met men or women with what is referred to as a Jezebel spirit but of course you or I never struggle with wanting to control things to get our own way. Jezebel was more than this – she was evil, killing off the Lord’s prophets and notorious for leading others to worship the branded Baal instead of God. She was causing division in God’s house. Imagine being Elijah and watching God’s prophets drop off one-by-one. Imagine being God and the anger he had toward the Baal worshipers and Jezebel, and of course her king-husband, Ahab, more evil than any other king of Israel before him (1 Kings 16:30) for allowing her to abuse others with her title.

Recently, I found myself in what is often referred to as the cry room at church – it was the only place I could think of where I could hide in my personal moment of desperation (my Elijah cave). This is a room where parents can take their babies for some privacy (or perhaps so baby can cry as loud as he/she wants) during the main worship service. I don’t know if I needed to run and hide or go to the adult cry room to wail like a baby, but what I do know is I needed to sort out some things when my spiritual life had gotten way too noisy and the Jezebels were starting to influence me to a point I couldn’t hear God.

I love how God responded to Elijah. “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by (1 Kings 19:11).” What! You want me to leave my cry room? If we read on in scripture, we learn that God didn’t come in a great and powerful wind strong enough to tear apart mountains and shatter rocks. He didn’t come in an earthquake or fire this time, but he came in a gentle whisper. Elijah recognized his voice.

We live in such a loud world, we are tempted to believe God would need to speak to us in a loud way, but scripture reminds me, he may choose to speak in a whisper. I may even have to come out of my cry room to hear him.

The question God was whispering to me during my moment of desperation was, “Rhonda, what are you going to do with what is causing division between me and you?”


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